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Blessed are the peace makers

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends John 15:13

Sarahi Cabrera

Be safe out there. Thank you for your service.

Gloria Friebel


Thank you for your bravery everyday in keeping our community safe!

Andie Froehlich

Thank you

Thank you for protecting us and putting our safety ahead of your own. God bless you all!

Jeanette Rangel

Thank you to all law enforcement. Be safe.

Desiree Dunn

Can not say how important you all for me and mine

I wish you all the protection you need as you protect the innocent. With meth being an epidemic you place your lifes on the line to protect me, my family, my friends, my neighborhood, and my city. I pray for you and your safty daily. Thank you, Debra

Debra New, Ph.D.

I Support All Law Enforcement

I was a county employee at the Jamison Center for 16 years, and I regularly interacted with law enforcement on a regular basis. The Sheriff's Department was our main contact for the facilities safety and security needs. They were always professional, and always responded in a timely manner. Now that I am retired from the County, I plan to return to the workforce with the sheriff's department in a support role to do what I can to support those who serve and protect us.

Richard Castillo

We all must respect and Honor the law

Carol Rice

Thank You for service!

Danielle Tomlinson

Thank you

God bless all of the men and women and their families. To put yourself in harms way on account of me and my community means the world to me. Thank you all so much for your service and sacrifices.

Barney Storms

Thanks for everything that you guys im a big supporter of the blue line and the kcso im a long tame sal volenter

John thompson

Thank you for all that you do everyday. Stay safe!!

Jennifer Powers

Keep up the great work

Thank you for the job you do and you are supported by a lot more than you always know.

Shaun Beasley

Thank you to all who serve and protect our communities, God Bless You


Backing the Blue

I am very proud of every officer that puts there life on the line everyday/evening!. Will always help anyway I can!

Sharon R.

We Support You

Me and my family support ALL law enforcement. Because of your daily sacrifice we are safe and can sleep well at night.

Lisa Grimaldi

Kernbacks the badge

Peace be with you and may our Lord Jesus protect you as you protect us here in Bakersfield California & kern county be safe and i back the badge thanks again.

Martin Lascano


Our family is grateful for our Law Enforcement Agencies. God Bless you all

Denise Hildebrand

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I am so thankful for our Kern County Sheriffs...all the men, women, and K-9s that wear the badge. God bless all and keep you safe.👍🏽😊

Ann Strader